Lots of drawing…no sewing :(

At the end of last year, I had absolutely  no motivation to sew. Actually I wanted to sew, but wasn’t inspired. I was tired of making the same things. This year, inspiration hit me and I have had the motivation, but no time. {sigh} Because I haven’t had the time to sew, I decided it would be best if I sat down for a few minutes and sketch some designs. Here are some of the items that I have come up with. Sorry in advance for the crappy pictures, I moved and can’t find my digital camera. I love my iPhone but it’s terrible at taking pictures when the owner has very shaky hands.

Daddy Diaper Bag
If you are on Facebook, then you’ve seen this photo of the Daddy Diaper Bag. Not sure what I’ll name it just yet, but I guess once I make it, it’ll talk to me :) The bag will be mad from a durable (washable) canvas fabric. I am hoping to find some nice “leak proof” fabric for the interior. The bag is a messenger style bag that features large outer pockets on both the front and the back. There are also two bottle pockets on both sides. The bag  has a zippered closure as well as an adjustable 1 1/2″ wide strap. The interior has lots of pockets, as well as a key-fob to keep your keys handy. I’ll only create a few of these bags for sale online, but will offer them as special order items so that you can customize them for husband/friend/male family member looking for a diaper bag.

Shoulder Bag
I’ve been wanting to make a tote but wanted to make it more like a shoulder bag.
This bag will be made from a durable canvas fabric (available in both prints and solid colors). The front will have a zipper pocket. The interior will be lined in a solid cotton twill that matches the exterior. I’ll add another zippered pocket/slip pocket inside for all your small items. An attached key-fob will also be inside to catch your keys. The strap will enclosed in a contrasting casing.

In the near future, I hope to show you all the finished product, but we will see what life throws at me this week.

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