Updated: Cianni Totes

I love honest people! A lot of people have checked out my items at shows and online. One thing everyone asks is if the Cianni bags have an adjustable strap. When I first made them I did not make an adjustable strap. I thought the strap length was a good one for wearing across the body. At a craft show a woman who was bearly 5 foot 4 inches picked up a  Cianni bag, put it on. It  was very low on her.  She asked if I could make an adjustable strap because the bag was simply too long for her test. Well of course I said. Then I thought, why not make ALL the straps adjustable on the Cianni bag? I did some shopping and purchased some strap adjusters online. I took some of the Cianni bags that I already had in stock and added the adjuster. I am so glad that I added the adjusters. The bag can be adjusted to wear tucked under your arm (shoulder bag) now and I think I like it better that way.

What’s your favorite way to carry a bag?

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