July Giveaway 7

This months giveaways is sponsored by my buddy Diana at IKLyndo Jewelry. Diana is one of the first creative people I met here in South Carolina.  She’s been doing the jewelry thing for awhile now and she loves it. All her items are very eco friendly; everything is made from seeds and nuts found in South America. I am always amazed at the items she brings back from her home in Columbia.

This months giveaway is a beautiful necklace from Diana’s Yage Collection. The necklace is made from tagua nuts, chicon cerbro and is strung on leather cord. 

 IKLyndo Jewelry

IKLyndo = ay que lindo.. yup.. you’d know what that meant if you took one year of Español!


How do you win this? Well it’s easy! Stop by her Etsy shop, let me know what product(s) you like and leave a comment below…

Also feel free to check her out on Facebook!

Etsy shop – http://www.etsy.com/shop/IKLyndojewelry
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/IKLyndo-Jewelry/158236314233950

 Giveaway ends July 31st. Winner will be announced on August 1st.



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7 thoughts on “July Giveaway

  • Itiel

    Of course I gravitated to the most expensive item. LOL. The Red Flower Dream necklace is stunning. I also like the Blue Sky bracelet.

  • Rochelle Maus

    In terms of earrings, I would say that I really like the colour and length of the Blue Tagua & Melon Earrings, but I prefer the shape of the Pink Earring Drops.

    My favourite necklace on etsy would have to be the Yage Necklace since it is a more subdued colour scheme, but has the asymmetrical shape and that ring for some flair. However, I think the necklace in this month’s giveaway should definitely be on etsy – it is a great “everything” piece that could go with a white t-shirt and jeans or dress pants and a sweater for a day at the office or a night out.

    Bravo! to your friend for her creativity and talent.

  • Meka

    Acai Rolled Hemp earrings! The circular medallion looks great on a round face :) Not to mention, you can totally request different colors…uh, super cool! Also… the Delicate Chirilla Studs..simple. classic. cute.

    On another note, I emailed you..was trying to place an order on the new digs..My schedule has since picked up by like oh, 180 degrees…
    I have been going to class every day at two schools so my summer is now Summer On Steroids! I’ll try it again and see my success as soon as I get more downtime..had to get this in though..only takes a minute to enter a drawing :)

  • Emily Yaskowski

    I am drawn to the Orange Tagua Coins Earrings. I like the color, the style, and the length. It’s enough “wow” without being overbearing. I also like the Blue Sky Bracelet for the same reasons. (It should read, “…with natural dyes.” Otherwise, it kind of sounds like the wearer will be cursed.)

    Did I mention that my birthday is in July…