Last night I was inspired to create some new accessories for my current line. I have made some eyeglass cases in the past. They were the basic kind that you slip your glasses in the top.  If you had large sunglasses, they cases worked great. But for the smaller reading glasses, they slipped out.

Last night I as I sat down to create a bag,  I seen this fabric and thought that it would look great as a padded eye glass case.  I dug through my supplies to see if I could find some fleece interfacing. YES!! There was about 1/3 of a yard left.  I sat down, drafted up a pattern and cut the fabric.  After about an hour ( I’m easily distracted).  I had 2 eye glass cases that I loved.  The colors I chose are perfect for this season.  I’ll be working on a bunch this weekend so make sure you stop by and check them out!

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