Working on : Fabric

I’ve  been inspired again by Project Runway! Over the weekend I watched a few past episodes to get my creative juices flowing.  As I watched, they seemed to always show the episode that showed them designing their own fabric.   They been doing the design your own fabric challenge for a few years and I’ve always wanted to do the same.   After doing some research and chatting with other artisans I’ve decided that it was my turn to do the same.

I found this company called Spoonflower online. They will create different types of fabric based on images that you upload.  After creating an account, I searched all the gorgeous prints that others have designed and uploaded to their site.


For $18 you can purchase a yard of cotton fabric using someone else’s designs.  $18 can seem like a lot, but for me right now is a good price because they are one of the only companies that don’t have a minimum order.  That means I can buy just one yard if I wanted. If  money was right I can buy 20 yards and get 20% off, but we aren’t going to go there just yet.

Right now I am only working on some prints to be used as lining for  my accessories and small bags. I want something that will show the Myla’s Bags logo. There are some items that I don’t add my product label to so the lining will help customer remember where they got their item from. I’ll keep you all posted when the fabric comes in. I am hoping to start using the new lining prints in 2012.

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