Goodbye 2012


As I look back over the past year I can say that I am proud to have accomplished the few things I have.
h3bNew Markets /b/h3
As I started the year, sad because one of my favorite markets had ended, I was discovered by someone who thought my stuff was awesome.  I must admit, Thea and Mixson are pretty awesome. The first event was slow, but as everyone started to come out each month, sales picked up! I enjoyed my time at Mixson and hope that they continue it for 2013.

In the early part of the year, I was asked by a few places to consign in their shops. This was actually the first time that I did something of this nature. It was a HUGE step for me, but I haven’t regretted the decision.  My items are selling super fast at At Home Designs in the Charleston City Market.  With tons of tourist visiting historic Charleston everyday, it’s hard to not sell!

I’ve also had the opportunity to send some items across the country to a title=”Glitter Lifestyle Boutique” href=”” target=”_blank”Glitter Lifestyle Boutique/a in Claremont, CA. I’ve never been to Claremont, but I’ve been a long time internet friend to Myisha one of the co-owners.  Glitter is a great place to shop and they’ve also started to incorporate craft classes in their newly acquired space.  If you are in the Claremont CA area, make sure you stop by and say hi the gals @ Glitter. You can also shop for some great clothes and accessories.

At the end of the summer, a brand new shop opened here in Charleston called a title=”SpaceCraft Studios” href=”” target=”_blank”SpaceCraft Studios/a. The shop opened by Allison M was geared to every kind of crafter imaginable.  She offers a cool place to craft on your own or to learn something new like creating lined tuxedo shirts from  old men’s button down shirts. I met Allison at the a href=””Lowcountry Artist Market/a. She told me of her new business and I was excited to be a part of it.
h3New Products/h3
This year I was able to crank out quite a few new products.  Some items weren’t big hits, but others were.

a title=”Zip N Clip” href=”;path=61amp;product_id=83″ target=”_blank”Zip n’ Clip/a – This was a item originally created for a customer. She wanted a small pouch that could be attached to her existing purse and could hold your cards (in a cardholder, of course) some cash and maybe even your cell phone.

Carla – This clutch was one of our first convertible styles. It featured a detachable strap that gave you many options to carry the bag. You could carry as a clutch, wristlet or shoulder bag.

a title=”Everyday Tote” href=”;product_id=84″ target=”_blank”Everyday + Whoa Totes/a – Everyone loved these totes. They offer lots of room but are easily folded and stashed when not needed. The Whoa tote was created in the Spring and boasted lots of room for those trips to the beach or when you needed to pack a bunch of stuff for your children’s soccer or baseball games.  The Everyday Tote was created a few months later for those of us that didn’t need that kind of space.

a title=”DIY Kits” href=”;path=83″ target=”_blank”DIY Kits/a – These were created late in the year for the holiday season.  This was quite a challenge for me because I had to write down my process for sewing up my bags and accessories.  My process for creating new items is to draft the pattern, then sew. I have lots of experience sewing, so I don’t typically write down the steps.  After writing, photographing (the steps) and editing. I was able to create the first kit for the cardholder.

I am very ready for 2013! I have so much planned, I just hope that I can make it all happen.

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