New Studio 2

Over the weekend we are closed on our new home.  I am excited to now have a dedicated space for sewing.  In the past a spare bedroom was used, but it was also shared with any overnight visitors.  The most recent home we rented included a small 9 x 11 foot space off the master bedroom that I used but when I wanted to sew late at night, it was difficult to do when your husband wants to sleep.

A few weeks back, I started thinking about what to do with my sewing area.  The space I will have is 10 x 11.5 foot space, so I wanted to paint a color that will make my room feel bigger than it is.    I found this color palette during our recent trip to Lowe’s and laughed because the colors are very similar to the colors I currently use in my logo/graphics.   I want to paint three of the four walls the light grey.  The wall that is seen when you enter the room will be the yellow/gold color.


For the next couple of weeks (probably close to a month), I will be furnishing and decorating my new studio.   Please bear with me as I go through this process as well as create new products and finish up custom orders.


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