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If you do not subscribe to Smell Goods Spa’s newsletter than you haven’t received the latest newsletter that included the coupon code for their Annual 50% off sale.   I am not able to provide you the code for the sale, but I am able to tell you about their Bath & Body Extravaganza that is happening today.


What’s Inside?

Goodies for everyone in your family.

For Her

  • 3, 1/2 oz Signature Fragrance Oil  
  • 1 oz Signature Fragrance Oil <– Love these my favorite scent is called Peace
  • Almond Whipped Cream Scrub
  • Lush Body Butter <– The Lush body butter is super light moisturizer. Don’t be fooled by the weight of the jar; a little goes a long way!
  • Marinade
  • Pure Body Balm
  • Chai Soap
  • Palm Oil Soap <– This soap leaves your skin so soft and moisturized that I can go without using lotion.
  • Essentials Deodorant

For Him

  • 2, 1 oz King Signature Fragrance Oil
  • King Deodorant
  • King Moisture Spray
  • King Bar Soap

For Girls

For the Home

  • Fresh Sheets & Me
  • 2 Green Tea Medley Melts

Look for the Bath & Body Extravaganza category at the time of the flash sale.

 **I am an affiliate marketer of Smell Good Spa LLC, because of their quality products and excellent service.  When you use my links to make a purchase, thank you in advance, because I am compensated for sending you to them.

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