Boycott Early Black Friday

I am a small business.  The only people employed by me is me.  Yes, I occasionally receive some help from my husband and daughter, but 95% of the time, it’s a one [wo]man operation.  With that being said, I know the importance of spending time with family.  Every year, I think about how I am to market my business for the biggest holiday sales event of the year, Black Friday.   This year was no different.  I spent some time making up some great sales for you, but I wondered if it was worth it to do the restrictive sales (i.e. buy between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. to get x% off).  black and blue friday

This year, I have decided that it was better to spend the extra time with family than to spend my extra hours configuring my site.  I won’t start my big sale until Friday, so that you too can spend that precious time eating, drinking and being merry with your loved ones.  We don’t have many traditions in our home, but one of them is putting up and decorating the Christmas tree during the Thanksgiving weekend.  This is usually the only time we have everyone home (and in town) to decorate together as a family.



As a customer of mine, I know you appreciate hand-created items.   And because I love to support other small businesses, I think it will be nice to also showcase and support these businesses.  Starting on  Wednesday, November 19, I will link to them on my Facebook and Instagram.   Follow me on one or both and you will not be sorry.



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