Chloe Cross body

Finally had the opportunity to sit down and create some new bags.  If you follow me on Instagram, you remember when I posted about making a bag for my daughter.  She requested one that she could use at school that was big enough to carry her essentials, but not too big to get in the way.   Her school is one of those schools that don’t give out books.  Most of the books are available on-line and they have a classroom copy.   They also allow use of an iPad so her notes are jotted on there and not on paper.

She liked the Chloe Clutch, but requested that it be just a bit bigger as well as have a cross body strap.  She also wanted an exterior pocket with some sort of closure.  So I created this:


The Chloe Cross-body features both interior and exterior pockets.  The exterior pocket closes with a magnetic snap closure.  It also has a zippered closure to keep your items safe and secure.  The strap is adjustable and is made long enough to please the tallest cross-body bag wearer.  This style is available in both faux leather and canvas trim.  You can also request a quote for a custom Chloe.

I have a few posted online and will be making more as the year goes on.  If you are looking for a medium-sized every day bag, this it.   Stop by the site and check them all out.


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