Gift Giving 2014 :: Smell Good Spa


Smell Good Spa is offering up great discounts again this year on bundles.  These bundles are available for purchase starting today.  These bundles are a great way for you to welcome their aromatic specialties’ into your home.  Buy now as the prices will increase 8 AM ET on Cyber Monday.  Last year I purchased a couple of these bundles.  When they came, I added them to stockings and gift baskets.

Here are some gifting ideas:

Say you order the Smell Goods Bundle and  receive 8 wonderful scents to create 2 or more gift baskets.  Fill each basket with:

  • Essential Oils + incense + Oil Warmer w/ tea lights and /or incense holder(available at Wal-Mart, World Market, etc).
    • For those who love to read, you can also include a book or gift card to B&N.
    • I love drinking tea and would appreciate a mug with a nice tea blend for relaxing.

If you order the Smell Goods for Her or Him Bundle, they include 6 of the same or different scents of the 1 oz. essential oils.  You could gift the same as above, just eliminate the incense and incense holder and give two different oils instead of one.

If you  need some recommendations for the men’s scent, I always have enjoyed the Vetyver scent.  That is my favorite on and off my husband.  The scents I love for myself are Moon Glow, Summer Glow and Peace.

To purchase your bundles or find out more, you can do so here


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