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B.A.D. Tote Bag

I have been busy sewing up some bags for an online friend of mine.  She came to me with this idea and I said, “Let’s do it!”  It’s been almost 2 years since she first approached me, but over the past couple of months, things seemed to have come together.  […]

Happy New Year!

The best thing about a new year is the new opportunity to put the past in the past. New years for me is a chance to reflect on what I can do to grow as a person.  With growth comes from change and that’s not always easy.    This year, I […]


Holiday Closing Schedule

Christmas and Thanksgiving are one of my busiest seasons.  Not only do I have to keep up with custom holiday orders, I also have to create lots of stock for the several very large markets that I attend.   I will be closing the following days so that I can spend […]