Happy New Year!

The best thing about a new year is the new opportunity to put the past in the past. New years for me is a chance to reflect on what I can do to grow as a person.  With growth comes from change and that’s not always easy.    This year, I […]



New Studio 2

Over the weekend we are closed on our new home.  I am excited to now have a dedicated space for sewing.  In the past a spare bedroom was used, but it was also shared with any overnight visitors.  The most recent home we rented included a small 9 x 11 foot […]

Babies on my mind!

No I am not expecting. Let me repeat that; I AM NOT EXPECTING. I love babies, but I have a 14-year-old so I have gained some of my “independence” back. There are currently two pregnant people in my life, my sister and one of my good high school friends. My […]