Babies on my mind!

No I am not expecting. Let me repeat that; I AM NOT EXPECTING. I love babies, but I have a 14-year-old so I have gained some of my “independence” back. There are currently two pregnant people in my life, my sister and one of my good high school friends. My […]


On the go! 1

Life sure has been busy for me. The retail shops have been asking for more product and with my daughter playing softball its becoming more and more difficult for me to find time to work. I’ve finally decided to make everything work for me. I have now dedicated a cutting […]

New beginning? 1

I have been working full time for a company for the past year and a half. I knew that as a contractor my job would come to an end.  Well yesterday, I found out that my job has. It’s kind of sad in a way because I enjoyed my work […]

Happy New Year!!!!

{image source}  Happy New year!! I don’t know about you, but I am happy to be here another year! Business in 2011 had it’s up’s and downs, but this year I am praying for lots of ups! 2011 was a year for finding myself. Being new the area was no […]

2012 new year wishes on sea