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That’s the name of the store I just found online. They only have 8 products, but the products are worth a look. 

If I never came across the “Anti Theft Lunch bags” I would have never found this nifty site.  Now I have never stolen a lunch, nor have I had one stolen, but I know if you work in a big office, your lunch is bound to grow legs and walk out of the workplace refrigerator every now and then. These lunch bags are zip­per bags that have green splotch­es print­ed on both sides, mak­ing your fresh­ly pre­pared lunch look spoiled.  This may look gross to you, but if you’ve had your lunch stolen once, then you’d be willing to try these bags out.



The other thing I found in this store was these frames.  Well they are actually called Framed Objects. I thought they were cool because they are decorative pieces in themselves, you can add to them to make them more interesting (see photos below). These are definatly on my wishlist of things to buy when we move.



Now it’s your turn to go check out .the. Let me know what your favorite item is.

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    Yes, I loved the framed objects too. Now am I am excited about hitting up the yard sales in the summer to get some old wooden frames so I can create my own…