Getting Creative 8

So I started working on some new items last week. I wanted to make some sort of organizer for myself and hopefully you all. I carry around 3 essentials all the time, a calendar, my “to do” notebook (which can also be my sketch pad), there’s a space for a pen and of course business cards and envel0pes (for mailing out bills, YUCK!!)  I’ve seen a few of these on Etsy and since I am a sewer and have the skill to make one up myself, I did and I love the turn out. The only thing I think I would change would be to add a heavier interfacing because the organizer right now is kind of flimsy. I’ve already had someone compliment me on this one and she has requested the next “prototype”.

Another thing I created last week was the “Flat Messenger”. I love carrying my “Diva” clutch so much that I decided to make it bigger and add some adjustable straps. There are some slip pockets inside for storing your small items. This particular bag doesn’t now have any closures (i.e. snaps, zippers, buttons) but I will definately add some to my next one.

Here’s a random shot of the furry kids hanging out in the sewing room this weekend. There are two windows in the room but they always fight over the one next to my machine.

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