We are moving!

We are on our way to South Carolina!

We will be moving about 15 minutes north of Charleston to Summerville. We are excited to be going and I am so glad to finally be close to the beach (20 minute ride vs. a 2 hour ride to a crappy beach). We are quickly moving along. We basically only have 1 month to move. My last day of work will be June 4th and we’ll be taking the long 11 hour ride to SC.  I will admit, that I am nervous going to a strange town but I’ve been to the south before and the people down there are so friendly and nice. I am sure I’ll be able to connect with some folks.  I am hoping to get to some flea markets, a few farmers markets and other places to scope out some potential selling spots for Myla’s Bags. If you are in the Charleston area, be on the look out for me and Myla’s Bags!

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