Happy Birthday to me! 1

Well, if you didn’t know I turned 30 back on June 1st. I love how everyone always asks how it feels to be 30. Just like they asked how it felt to be married. Was something supposed to change over night? Was I know supposed to be bigger, better, more mature? How am I supposed to feel at 30? Was I supposed to go gray and all of a sudden have “old people issues” that day?? Well at 30 I still feel the same as 29. This year is going to be a good year for me. I have plans of getting back in shape, physically, mentally and spiritually.

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One thought on “Happy Birthday to me!

  • Trimeka

    Happpppppy Birthdayyyyyyyyy! Although June is far past (in fact, closer to coming around again…lol), I had to reach out in celebratory hoopla being that I am a fellow June baby (24th) :))))
    The whole “turning 30” thing plagued me…I had these goals for the age of 30 that I thought MUST be achieved before age 31 or else I’m doomed! How hilarious. Looking 4 years back, I laugh! Why? There is no magic number to have achieved certain goals. Instead each day is an opportunity for achievement; the chance to fulfill goals and better yet, create new ones.
    So to you, my fellow June baby, I say Carpe Diem :) Ciao Bella~