It’s Wednesday Baby!! 2

Head over to Smell Goods Spa shop and pick up a couple bottle so her Signature Fragrance oils. Why you ask?? Because every Wednesday Smell Goods Spa has a promotion where if you buy 2 same sized signature fragrance oils, you get 1 free!  Here is how it’s described on the site:

Our specialty since 1998! Signature blends inspired by gourmet desserts, gourmet beverages, nature, music, and people. Luxury fragrance oils that will not upset your sinuses, that will wear on your skin all day and all night, that are sure to get you, “Mmmm, you smell good!”. Pure natural oils and essence. No dilution…no water…no alcohol…no dpg (to stretch oil). Concentrated signature oils for your body, your oil burner, your oil diffuser, and your fragrance lamp.

This description is so true. Everytime I wear one of the many scents I have, I always get a compliment! My favorite scent right now is called Peace. It’s so light and airy and calming. When I am not feeling my best I put it on and it lifts my spirits.  Thank you Smell Good Spa. Anyhow, here’s how I use my Smell Goods Spa Signature Fragrance Oils:

  1. On my body.  The scents aren’t so strong that you have to be careful with putting on too much. I recommend right before you get out of the shower (before you towel off) pour just a bit in your hands and rub  down your wet body. When you towel off it will help distribute and well makes your towel smell good too!!
  2. In your oil  burner. Yup, in your oil burner but remember to dilute with water (Use a 1:2 ratio, i.e. 1 tsp. of fragrance oil, 2 tsp. of water.)
  3. Your hair. Did you ever go out to a smoky bar or club and didn’t feel like washing the smoke out of your hair the next day? Well pour a bit of fragrance oil in your hand and finger comb your hair.  Because there’s no alcohol in the oil it doesn’t dry your hair out!

I am still looking for other ways to use my oils and hopefully will figure a way out to use them with my reed diffuser sets.  How will you use your Smell Goods Spa Signature Fragrance Oils??

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