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I recently had the pleasure of reading one of my favorite blogs this past week. It came from  Myisha the owner and designer of  Bohemian Spirit Jewelry. The title is “7 Things I know for sure”. ( Click here to read the entire post and follow her of course).  She has truely been an inspiration to me when it comes to continuing on with my business. I have contacted her on numerous occasions asking for her advice and she has been one of the best consultants when trying to build my business.

I am glad that I read this post before the show I did this past weekend.  The show I attended wasn’t busy at all and my sales proved that. I couldn’t believe that I sold NOTHING! Most people would have been discouraged, but I continued to think about what she said last:

” Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. If you love the business you are creating and you believe it will be successful…Have FAITH! Everyone has their time to shine, and you will have yours too!”

I went out and did the best with what I had. I got a lot of “those are gorgeous”  and “how nice” when the folks looked at my items, but no one purchased, mainly because I was in the wrong venue. Some people walked by and “suggested” that I try my hand at “this and that”. I’ve thought of doing some “Vera Bradley style bags, I’ve thought of doing some other style bags that I’ve seen out at different shows, but I can’t. I can’t do something that I don’t care for myself. I can’t be fake.  How can I be authentic if I am copying someone else’s work? What do I gain if I forget about  my style and move onto someone elses? I gain nothing. I will eventually lose myself in the sea of conformity and end up not being happy with my products.  So I will continue to plug along and “DO ME”. I am satisfied with have a small following of customers. I know that as long as I am being me, I will always succeed and keep my fans happy!

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2 thoughts on “7 Things…

  • Itiel

    Feel my hug. I always say don’t look to the left nor the right. Doing what you love is what life is about;other people appreciating it, is the bonus. That’s how you stay focus….

  • Myisha

    Yes! Do you Michaela. Your work is fabulous! Just keep pushing forward, find your target market and BAM! All your work will pay off in the most rewarding way. YOU too are an inspiration 😉