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I decided (at the last minute) to create a few phone cases and iPad sleeves for the show I attended last Saturday.  I left work early 4:30 to run to the bank (for change) and to Hancock Fabrics to pick up a few items that I would need to create.   I really wanted to use linen for the phone cases, but I could not find any linen in the “natural” color I was looking for.  I walked around for a bit and found this fabric called Osnaburg.  Osnaburg is a fabric that was originally made from flax yarns, but is now made from either flax, tow or jute yarns.  This fabric looked like linen so I picked it up. I also picked up a few new prints (I couldn’t help myself).


I went home, drafted up something and started cutting.  Sometimes the process is a long one because I like to draft, cut, create then make sure everything is as I expected. After creating one phone case, I put my iPhone 3Gs inside and it fit perfectly.  At that point, I cut and ironed and sewed the rest up.  I was a bit disappointed as I didn’t buy enough supplies.  I always do that though.  I am terrible with calculating yardage for multiple items.   Right now, I have a few “stock” cases online and they can fit the iPhone 3Gs as well as any other phone with similar or smaller dimensions.  My friend from IKLyndo Jewelry got hers on Saturday at the Holy City Artists Market and she is super happy that she has it.  She doesn’t have an iPhone, but her Samsung fit perfectly.  As far as users of the iPhone 4, I have to recreate the pattern and add an additional inch.  I didn’t think the phone was that much bigger than mine, but I guess I should have done more research :)  You can check out the phone cases here online.



For the iPad sleeves, I used some fun prints and lined them with soft flannel.  I’ve also placed a study liner inside for stability.  I only made 2 before the show, because I feared they’d be too small.  When I got to the show, I found someone with both an iPad 1 and iPad 2. I tried the sleeve on the iPad 1… no luck. It was just a bit too small. UGH!!  I tried it on the iPad 2… It fit PERFECT! YES!!!  iPad 1 cases will be uploaded as soon as I get a chance to try it on another iPad 1.  If you have an iPad 2 however, you can check out the cases I currently have online here.


For now, most of the items available on the site will be created as they are sold, unless you happen to purchase an item that I have in stock for craft shows and such.

Stop by and check it all out! I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions.

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