Weekend is Here! 2

Wow! Another week has passed.    I am glad for the weekend.   I did not do much sewing this week, but I did get a chance to do some other fun things.  Monday was Halloween. I got to walk around the neighborhood and check out some great houses. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures because I didn’t charge my battery.  I found and joined a group on Facebook that was started by the residents in our subdivision.  Everyone in the group is super friendly and willing to help (true Southern hospitality).  Wednesday I finally get back to Zumba!  I need a steady workout and am glad that they offer classes right in our neighborhood!

I’ve already planned a couple of things for this weekend.  Tomorrow is the last day of the Coastal Carolina Fair, so we’ll be heading out there to check out some rides, the animals and of course fair food!  This year I think I’ll experiment and eat some of the odd items they always offer.   Since it’s so close to my daughter’s birthday we’ll be taking a few of her friends with.  This will be my first experience with 3 teenage girls.  You all pray for me :)  Sunday I’ll hopefully try to clean up and do my ever growing pile of laundry before  my daughter’s softball game.  Their team is the second team best in the league. They have only lost two games.  Both losses were to the same team.  Hopely Sunday’s game will be a win.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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