Weekend was good! 1

My weekend was great! We had a great time at the fair on Saturday. I walked around the entire site in search of fried koolaid, but found none so I stuck with fried Oreos.  My daughter had her usual funnel cake with cherry topping.  I was upset that her friends could not join us because that left her to riding the rides by herself. All in all I think she had a good time.

Sunday was “try to relax before softball” day.  I got up fairly late, even though we changed the clocks.  I did some cleaning and organizing before we headed out for the softball game.  Her team won once again.

Since her birthday was yesterday and she had practice last evening, we decided to do the birthday dinner on Sunday after the game.  Here are a few pics from our time out.

Ebony and Ivory - They are always together

My Fried oreos - YUM!

Birthday girl @ dinner

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