Workin On: New iPad sleeves – Jillian style!

After many attempts to design something that was different then the other iPad sleeves on the market, I decided to not “reinvent” the wheel. I wanted something that had something more than a Velcro closure and I heard that the magnetic snaps may do damage.   After going through my shop and reorganizing some stuff, I looked at the Jillian clutch and made the decision to create the sleeve in the same manner.

The new iPad case will feature a large exterior pocket as well as a smaller slip pocket inside the exterior pocket and a coverall buckle closure. It is also lined in a soft cotton that has been padded with a layer of fleece, medium weight interfacing and a layer of heavy interfacing. I currently have one item up for sale in the shop, but will be adding more in the near future.

Oh! In the future, I will be creating more of these. Since it seems everyone has an iPad, I will create a few styles for the iPad.   If you aren’t so cool with iPads and have another brand tablet, please let me know and I will be happy to create something for you.

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