Site is back!

Well these past 2 weeks have been a struggle. My site was acting up last week. I log in one day and I am able to upload images, the next day everything is missing. It was like it a link was broken somewhere.  After about 5 days of going back and forth with the technical support it’s still not resolved. I decided to totally delete EVERYTHING.. Well not everything because I backed up my database (YAY!).

Since I had to start all over, I decided to really start over and rebuild the site. I think I like it now, but I have to add my products manually because my database is giving me an error and I can’t upload it to the new version of my site.  I was wondering if that was the issue. Maybe there was an issue some where in my database. I guess we will see.  I have however learned a few things since I restarted my site. I learned that my images, even though they were below the max, were still kind of big. I also figured out how to change the orientation of my product pages and changed the footer.   I must say that after 5 years of having to learn on my own how to create and edit a site I am doing very well.

I hope to finish uploading my products this weekend (please Lord give us rain here in Charleston).  If I finish that this weekend, I’ll hope to be back to blogging and sewing next week for the upcoming market season!

Wanna check out the site?  —>  <— Let me know what you think. Do you like the colors? Are the fonts too small or in a illegible color? I want to hear from you!




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