Getting organized part 1

A few weeks ago, I finally got the time to purchase and paint my studio.  I choose a gray from Valspar called Filtered Shade.  The color online is a lot darker than it is in person.  I chose a flat paint because I knew I would be taking pictures against the newly painted wall.   With my music blasting and a fast-moving husband, the painting job didn’t take much long.


Valspar Filtered Shade


Room was a funny shade of tan before we painted


After the painting was complete I started really looking on Pinterest for ideas on how to best organize my fabric and notions.  I noticed that most people went to Ikea for the majority of their storage needs.  I decided it was time for a trip to Ikea.

As soon as we got there I went through the “exit” doors (you know by the checkout lines) and quickly ran into the AS IS section.  There I found a floor model HELMER storage drawer for $25 (regular price $40).  It was in perfect condition, no scratches or dents.  I scooped it up and had it paid for and loaded in the truck within 20 minutes.

helmer-drawer-unit-on-castersAfter moving my fabric many times since we’ve moved into our new home, I decided it was finally time to really get my fabric organized.  I have been eyeing the EXPEDIT / KALLAX shelving unit for a long time.   I turned it on its side so that it’s wider than it is high and added some casters so that I can easily move it without taking all the fabric off.  I put this shelf underneath my cutting table and it fits perfectly with a little room above for my large bolts of interfacing and my small table top ironing board.  I am praying that I will be able to fold the fabric and keep it organized and tidy.


Feel free to follow me on Instagram for real-time updates of the sewing room transformation.  I have been terrible at taking pictures so there are no true “before” picture for you to compare.

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